Corporate Overview

Beauté Morî Sdn Bhd is a leading company in products innovation and quality. We also has been trendsetting corporation in the beauty, fitness and wellness industry. Our popular products are uniquely designed to tenderly care for all beauty connoisseurs, and our commitment to deliver only the best of the best which has enable us to gain our customers trust and faith. The philosophy staunchly practised by Beauté Morî also emphasizes on business partnerships. Strong relationships between ourselves and our associates are built on a platform of love, trust and mutual care. Our business model ensures rapid and congruent growth, achieving goals together while creating beauty.

Today, Beauté Morî is a company with a multi-level marketing concept. Our establishment is the goal of becoming the pioneer of the beauty, fitness and wellness industry and the best platform for women’s entrepreneurship. Beauté Morî welcomes non-corporation partners from the public to join us in building this perfect combination of wellness beauty and health’s empire. We will continue moving forward on our runway of “Embracing wellness, empowering women”.

Beauté Morî always focuses on top quality, natural and high quality products which are approved by all authorities. We believe that beauty is the first gift of nature to women but which may fade away if not appreciated and taken care of. Beauté Morî takes inspiration from the emergence of butterflies from cocoons, to produce the products can improve women appearance effectively. Together we provide the perfect platform to become a beautiful and fashionable new age woman! We not only produce high-quality nutrition and health care products, but also establish a platform for women who want to change their current economy and want to change their lives. In the promotion of further education, Beauté Morî also hires senior highly qualified lecturers to provide relevant skill enhancing courses to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skill to empower, progress and evolve into a new woman with beauty, wisdom and strength.

Additionally, Beauté Morî maintains close cooperation with major companies from Japan, Switzerland and France. Japan's Enmeiraku (Zinju) patent company from Unial Co. Ltd and France's famous research company Fytexia who are the main partners of our well-known brands. Enmeiraku is the main exclusive patent component of our company's detoxification product, Sculpture Dx®.

Our newly developed "PerfLoad" component of Fytexia in France is the soul material of our main fitness nutrition product in Slimfinity® products.

Our products are 100% natural, well certified as Halal, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) ,ISO9001, Asia Pacific Super Health Brand, Asia Pacific Excellence Brand and The Malaysia Book of Record Business Edition accredited.

In line with our vision of beauty and health, we are also actively involved in various health and fitness activities to improve women’s health and at the same time promote our brand and enhance our women's entrepreneurial platform.
In addition to promote women entrepreneurship seminars, Beaute Mori also sponsoring a variety of activities combining bodybuilding and fashion such as Marathon Run, Running with Stars, Star Concert, Private Concert , or event Miss World and etc.
We recently launched our new product promotion event in 2017, with 5,000 people in attendance for Zumba dance which lasted for 8 hours non-stop which was made its way into Malaysia’s record.

Enroute To The Future

The quality of our products’ quality is endorsed by the overwhelming response from consumers and distributors with their assurance and confidence in us. Our growing reputation enables us to confidently keep on approaching our ambitious goal of becoming one of the top and largest beauty and health care brands in Malaysia, that is the leader in Malaysian beauty and health care brands. In addition, especially for women, we want to improve their abilities, improve their socio-economic conditions, and enhance their thinking. The most important thing is to help them achieve a healthier and better life. Beauté Morî is committed to working with you to “Pursuing the modern wellness way, and empowering new value for women”.

Beauté Morî is now proudly stepping out of Malaysia and going to international, starting with neighbouring ASEAN countries. We pledge to continue our good practice in trend-setting innovation, and uncompromising quality one can really trust. In the near future, we expect to introduce  high end quality products to meet the full range of market needs. Based on love and dedication, our group shall hold on tight and adheres to the principle of “customer-oriented” and faces the next brilliant milestone of beautiful magic. 

Corporate Statements


The Group’s vision To Harness The Strength From A Collective Effort Of Our Team And Partners In Our Forward Charge To Be The Leading Beauty And Wellness Company In The Country, Offering Only Superior Products And Services That Turn Dreams Into Reality.


The Group’s mission is to continuously focus on research and development to produce excellent and innovative products for our clients, and to create a platform for all aspiring entrepreneurs to kick start a business with low risk and high returns.


Our Group is always adhere to the principles that have been set by the company,  which is to ensure customer satisfaction with high quality products with a reasonable prices, and always be ready to serve every customer with the top notch service. We will constantly improve in every aspect to better serve each customer who is believe in us. “Beauty" is our promise. We are committed to making you  become beautiful so that your  life becomes amazing, your own core value becomes valuable, even your thoughts become strong and possitive, and the most important thing is to make your whole life become wonderful.

Keynote From CEO

Beauté Morî is an influential, new generation of women's entrepreneurial platform. The company has achieved brilliant achievements since its establishment. Development of a company is not in a trip moment. The company's sustainable prosperity is by everyone's best efforts and we never take it lightly in every single decision. The strategy determines the direction while the details decide for its success or failure. To continue the growth of the company, we need everyone to be united and innovative. This is also our core value that Beauté Morî has always been adhering to: harmony, coexistence, enthusiasm, and gratitude.

Beauté Morî relies on the partner’s united strength and dedication of all its partners to form a huge mobility and cohesive force. The struggle for common advancement and retreat and the common goal are to move forward and break through new milestones for the company. At the same time, we also contribute on women’s society, provide them a complete platform to let them take the first step to start their new life. I think that every woman who thinks she is an ordinary woman, should leave her current to the past and step in to the future to let herself reborn. In the face of adversity, the energy of rebirth is gathered, and women will only get stronger and stronger. In fact, you have more than this. I justice everyone who dares to make a change, and the world will cheer for their courage.

No matter in life or at work, women are indispensable for a beautiful scenery. Nowadays, modern women are no longer just taking family life as their whole. What woman needs today is need to breakthrough yourself to be an ideal woman with perfect lifestyle and glamour appearance. Beauté Morî is working tirelessly to achieve new values for women.

We will further promote technology research and development, further improve the model, and continuously develop innovative products, in order to truly breakthrough our prospects, and to create a strong shot for Malaysian women’s first uniqueness entrepreneurial platform that creates new values and realizes their dreams. For our team, doing better is no longer a statement. We use action to realize everything in the best of the best, to improve their cogitation and life, from an ordinary woman, become a strong woman with confidence, positive attitude and independence! Because your success is our privilege. I always believe in one statement: not seeking to compare with others, but seeking to surpass yourself!

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We strive for the best, we deliver the best, we signify the best, and yes, we find joy in making you happy.

Business Ideology

Beauté Morîs ideology is built on 8 major principles:

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